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CORONAVIRUS— Best Practices

Rather than repeat the ever-evolving information that surrounds the Coronavirus COVID-19, I would like to emphasize how Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture can support your immunity to protect you as much possible against contracting the virus—or strengthen you if you have to navigate through it. 


As a general precaution for “Flu Season” (any time there is a statistically high incidence rate of viral infections) the most important strategy to avoiding getting sick is, of course, AVOID EXPOSURE. The specifics of how to avoid exposure are the same for Eastern and Western medicine. For the sake of brevity, I would return your attention once more to the World Health Organization (WHO) link for “protective measures.” You can also access the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and more locally, the Monterey Health Department (MHD)


But Chinese Medicine provides a second strategy, which should never be used by itself: only in conjunction with observing the recommended precautions to avoid exposure. For many centuries, Chinese traditional medicine has utilized various methods of fortifying our bodies’ natural protection against external pathogens. In Chinese, this protection is known as the “anti-pathogenic qi.” In modern medicine, this closely corresponds to the concept of immunity.

The anti-pathogenic qi can be enhanced with qigong, supported by diet, fortified with herbal formulas, regulated by managing stressors to our immune system.

Here are some tips to keep your immune system strong:

  1. Get quality sleep (make sure you get 7-8 hours per sleep cycle)
  2. Eat healthy (eat dark colored fruits and vegetables as well as garlic and onions, a variety of mushrooms, and fermented foods to improve the gut flora)
  3. Stay hydrated (drink plenty of water and each clean foods that are hot, “wet,” and easy to digest such as porridges and non-cream-based soups)
  4. Manage your stress (avoid over-working or other stressful thinking/activities, get into nature, and stay connected with those you love as much as possible)
  5. Move your body (get some sort of exercise every day)
  6. Take immune-strengthening herbs (consult me for specific recommendations)


Thank you for being an active participant in preventing transmission of COVID-19 in our community. I believe that nourishing ourselves and our community in creative ways are the keys to finding a wellspring of strength and hope during this time.